Miniland Educational: What To Look Out For in 2013!

Many of you may have seen pictures of the exciting new toys we have for Miniland Educational, but here is a brief overview of the star products! 2012 was a brilliant year for Miniland with the ever popular aptitude sets and science tins spreading knowledge far and wide, but the 2013 range has some brilliant toys that put so much fun into learning, your children won’t even realise it’s educational (SCORE!).

Miniland Educational Pairs Game

Two of my favourite new products this year are the Pairs Game and the range of Mini Puzzles. Now I’m sure you’ve all played a game of pairs with a pack of cards (never fails sometimes on a rainy day) but this gives the classic game a brand new lease of life! It comes with 12 different double sided game cards and a nifty holder with counters to cover up the pictures… What’s so special about that did I hear you say? Well the game cards are nothing less than brilliant, there are 4 different categories from animals, to the human body, to funky patterns, and all are in fun unique designs that are sure to keep you on your toes! I love that this is a great stress free game that a parent and child can enjoy, or children can play amongst themselves without needing much supervision once they get going!

Miniland Educational Pairs Game

The Mini Puzzles are a favourite of mine as it can be difficult to find something as simple and enjoyable as a puzzle for very young children, but this lovely collection is suitable for kids from 2 years onwards. Each puzzle comes with 6 of the cutest designs and all of the pieces are made of plastic so can be wiped clean when sticky little fingers get hold of them!

Miniland Animal Mini Puzzle

Dragy is the new plush baby range from Miniland and the whole DKL office are extremely excited about this! The adorable dragon mascot is found on all of the products and there is a wonderful collection which includes everything from an activity cube, a travel cushion, a hand puppet (which David has become quite fond of ha) and even some dragy slippers which rattle!

Dragy Activity Cube

But the headliner is Dragy Fasteners, apart from being exceptionally cuddly and soft he helps to develop nimble fingers and teaches about different fasteners and how to use them! He has so many features to play with including a zip, buttons, poppers,  and laces that your little one will always find something new to be fascinated with.

Dragy Fasteners

Last but by no means least is the Miniland Plastic Vehicles. Miniland have gone all out with this range and have some fantastic great quality vehicles that are perfect for play in the house and during the Summer months (here’s hoping that we get some) in the garden! The Mini Vehicles come in 3 different sizes 9cm, 12cm and 18cm which are good for all types of play, but the bigger vehicles take my fancy most. In 3 different designs the 18cm vehicles are nice and chunky for little hands to get around and sturdy enough so will withstand any amount of play! They feature moving parts which is great for the imagination and the vibrant colours that go across the range make the vehicles fun and engaging. For ultimate plastic vehicle play there is the brand new Dumpy Transporter – for some reason I am lead to believe this is every young boys dream every time I look at it, it just screams ‘boy heaven’. At 43cm in length and 23cm tall the Dumpy Transporter, equipped with two 18cm Dumpy’s is really is a force to be reckoned with. The Transporter comes with a moveable ramp to store the two vehicles and so they can be moved on and off.

Dumpy Tranporter


That’s just a few of the great Toys Miniland Educational have to offer for 2013! Check out our Facebook page for more pictures (Don’t forget to like us :)).

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