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With the Summer long gone (well we were confused as to if it had even arrived) it is important to have lots of activities to whip out, especially when the little bundles of energy are in over drive and you would do anything (and I mean anything) for them to sit quietly for an hour or two! This is where Hama beads come into action…If you haven’t heard about Hama before I can only assume you are new to the blog, as there are many a post about all of the weird and wonderful things Hama is capable of. We sent some of our lovely DKL bloggers Hama bead sets to review, here is how some of them got on…

The Princess and the Pickle seem to have had a ball with the Hama Puppet Theatre set. The Princess spoke frankly of what she thought of the product, it’s refreshing to have feedback of what a child really thought of Hama! It’s great to see the use of creativity and imaginative play this set has inspired.

Next, Unique Young Mum was excited to introduce Hama to her little boy Spud as she is a former Hama lover! Judging from all of the Characters they made, I think it’s safe to say the Hama Toy Story set went down a treat. If your child has never tried Hama before this is a great informative review of how it works and how easy it is to pick up :)

‘Hama Time’ seems to have become a regular occurrence for Medicated Follower, she has given a detailed account of how she and her little one got on with Hama Maxi Beads. She’s talked about Maxi beads which are suited for younger children of about 3 years +, and shown that Hama is truly a craft for all ages! It’s great that younger children can get involved and craft along with their older siblings, finding activities for the whole family can be tricky!

Caterpillartales goes on to confirm that Hama can be used for the whole family to play along together! She had all of her kids having some Hama fun, and in the end decided she wanted to do some crafty things with Hama herself!

And finally, we have a Hama bead convert (Yayy)! Geekmummy talks about how she overcame her battle with Hama and has found the right Kind to suit her and her kids. Geekmummy uses the Hama Press & Play set, they require no ironing which is a personal preference for her. This is a great review and goes to show If you keep looking you’ll find the perfect Hama for you!

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  1. I’m definitely with Geekmummy on this. I have never got on with Hama beads and I refuse to buy them for my poor daughter!! :-)
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