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Last month we focused on one of our newest brands, mic.o.mic as a product of the month. We sent some lucky bloggers out a few of the kits to try out and see what they made of this innovative brand and how their kids got on with building and playing with the models.

Mummy2Five spoke positively about the sturdy nature of the toy and the fun they had doing the activity together, plus the side benefit of learning shapes, colours and following the pictorial instructions to make the toy up.

Credit: Mummy2Five

Over at Missing Sleep the huge grin on the face of one little chap says it all. Sounds like the whole family got involved and much fun was had. They were particularly impressed with how durable the toys were, even when made and dismantled repeatedly. (And everyone likes the handy tool we include for just that purpose!)

Credit: Missing Sleep

For PurpleMum, the toy combined her son’s two favourite things – cars and construction toys – which overall positive results. They had lots of fun making both toys and enjoyed playing with thme afterwards. Have a read of her very honest (and clearly experience in the toy car and construction toy world) review.

They’ve got the same loves over at A Strong Coffee (although by the sound of it with a slight emphasis on deconstruction!) and it’s good to see that someone with an armful of boisterous boys (that is a compliment, right? :) ) thought the toys stood up well to playing as well as being made.

Fun as a Gran has given you the detailed low down on the products (now that’s taking blogging seriously!) and liked lots of things about the sailing boat. She’s talked about what parts of it worked well for younger and older children too, which is a helpful thing to know if considering these as gifts. They didn’t manage to sail their boat in the stream current, but I do know these boats can sail in pools, baths and the like :)

I love how 92Three30 has written her review – mic.o.mic had stuck in the mind of her small person from seeing it for sale somewhere and he got on well with one of the models, while needing some help with the second. They had a mixed experience playing with the toys afterwards but agreed that as a construction toy, the vehicle models held together better than Lego does for playing with.

Last up is Lakes Single Mum who really sums up everything we found about the mic.o.mic toys when sent out for review – the instructions are clear and helpful, the toy is fun to put together and works well as a team activity, they can be played with but should be treated partly as a toy and partly with the care associated with a construction toy model and that they are well made and good to handle and use.

Result… as they say :)

Mic.o.mic is available from several online retailers including Amazon, Hamleys, HobbyCraft and more and the full range is available at PlayMerrily Toys with a free gift when you spend £20 or more.



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