Miniland Aptitude Reviews from Parent Bloggers.

With back to school only a week or so away, thoughts are turning back from our (woeful!) summer holidays and back to education and skill building. Learning through play is one of the fundamentals of any well rounded educational experience; the opportunity to develop fine and gross motor skills from threading, lacing, throwing, catching, sorting and exploring. Through handling shapes, letters and numbers, children can grasp all the complicated concepts thrown at them through the early years and fix them firmly into their brains for solid future use. Literacy and numeracy skills are so vital and solid objects which help children to visualise the concepts can really help.

We recently sent out some home sized Miniland sets filled with lacing toys, magnetic numbers and letters and more to bloggers for them to try out with their pre-schoolers and Foundation Stage aged children. Lots of fun was had and clearly the toys went down a treat! One of the emerging themes was that the children really enjoyed playing with products that are intended mostly as an educational tool; bright colours, an open mind and a nature desire to explore and learn all play a part in making these sets a pleasure for children to investigate.

Miniland Aptitude Reviews

Over at Angela This is Life Abby led the way and showed her mum all about the products ;) and made great use of the threading alphabet. Her favourite was clearly the Sorting Abacus though and it’s great to see sure a positive review about this versatile product.

Photo Credit: Angela_This is Life

Being Mrs C reviewed the Lacing Buttons and was impressed by the quality and how well they suited little hands, plus that they had numbers built into the colourful button; they even feature braille, so ideal for visually impaired children.

One of the themes running through the reviews was that children found it easy make the sets their own and find their own learning from within them. I’ve often found that my children discover and explore toys and learning materials in a way I had not anticipated and this certainly seemed to be true with Miniland and this was certainly true at A Mummy Too. I love the idea of story telling with the plastic threading shapes :) Our own range of Magnetic Letters also went down well; every home should have some of these we think!

Threading Beads and the Tell the Time Clock were up for scrutiny at Jennifer’s Little World and both came out fighting with lots of positive things to say. I know from selling toys and being a mum that threading beads get used for all sorts of things – over the last couple of years ours have been necklaces, maths manipulates for learning equations, soup ingredients (!) and more. Tell the Time toys are always tricky to get right – there are so many concepts to be covered in learning to tell the time, from counting in 5’s, to fractions, from and to language concepts and then learning to deal with all of those ideas in digital and 24 hour clock form. It’s good to see our set got the thumbs up :)

Finally, the Sewing Template Cards were reviewed at The Mummy Diary along with the counting hands. There was a big thumbs up for the cards with praise for the strength of the cards and the value of what was in the box and some slightly baffled confusion about the hands (but I think it is intended as a sequencing toy which you can add up with too!)

Many thanks to all our bloggers this month – you can find a full range of Miniland stockists on the Where to Buy page of our blog and the different reviewers have all kindly linked to places to buy the products too.

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