Toys with wheels… what floats your boat?

Following on from our post about mic.o.mic last week, I’ve been busy on Pinterest (as usual, I lose hours on that site!) constructing a board filled with toy trains, planes, boats and helicopters.

As well as gorgeous toys from more brands than I can count, I’ve found brilliant ways to display model trains, amazing cakes, craft projects to keep me quiet for months and bedrooms I would have stayed in permanently as a child.

None of my girls, except one, have been particularly bothered by toy cars as children but with a small boy in the house now and a daddy obsessed with classic racing cars, I suspect that might change. So I wondered, what toys or vehicle ideas would you add to my Pinterest board? Are there favourites in your house? Do you kids have particular games they love (I remember small car traffic jams all over our house when my brother was small)? Have you made a cake or decoarated a room in a way you are particularly proud of? Do let us know, with links to blog posts if you can and we’ll tweet them out with links :)

Written by: Merry

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