Trains, Planes & Automobiles: mic.o.mic rules!

They say (I don’t know who say this but ‘they’ can’t be wrong!) that homes with children are Lego homes of Playmobil homes. Aside from the fact that this is patently untrue in my house, where the people from one regularly live in houses built with the other and Strawberry Shortcake gardens Playmobil farms alongside Smurfs, GoGos and Moshi Monsters, I have always assumed this means that families tend to be either of the construct and build type, or the imaginative play type. One of the wonderful things about many construction toys, not least Lego, is that they allow a strong mixture of both elements of play to take place.

DKL have a new range of toys which embrace imagination and construction perfectly. Mic.o.mic is a new type of construction toy which comprises shaped parts held together with pins and clips made from the same sturdy, textured plastic. Different kits require different levels of competence, encouraging children to develop 3D modelling skills and spacial awareness. On completion, a solid, tactile model is formed which has wonderful play value.

mic.o.mic motorcarWhether displayed as a completed project, driven around the garden on adventures or built time and again to develop fine motor skills, mic.o.mic is a gorgeous toy and comes in a wide range of vehicle shapes. In our house, the car belongs to Papa Smurf, while the sailing boat is is the water bound home of a variety of small fairies, regularly sailing the paddling pool on hot sunny days (all three of them this year!) Mic.o.mic is made from safeĀ  materials, comes with a 3 year guarantee and will tick plenty of educational boxes as well as being wonderful fun :)

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  1. Was this around a long time ago? I’m sure my younger brother had something similar when we were little. xx
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  2. It was possibly mic.o.mic your remember but it has since been re-designed with high quality plastic material & newer models. x