Miniland Science Kit reviews by Bloggers

Recently we sent out some Miniland Educational Science Kits for review to bloggers with kids. They tried out a range of different sets and gave us some very honest reviews. The result was popular and we’ve also taken on board some of their suggestions to.

We really loved the review from Plus2point4. They reviewed the Miniland Bell Horn and there is a video of it in action – love it! It’s good to read that it felt very achievable for Kip to do on his own and they also liked the tin it comes in for keeping bits away from little sisters!

 Emma & 3 gave a very positive review of their kit which was a Solar Powered Car. They liked how well made the kit was and how clear the instructions are. I must admit it looks a lot of fun though, since they did the review before last week, I’m amazed they found enough sun to power it at all!

Madhouse Family Reviews reviewed the Miniland Bug Observatory. These pictures have to be seen to be believed and we’ve pinned their images straight to our DKL Bloggers Pinterest Board. You absolutely have to take a look. Who would have thought you could get such results from something as simple as a product like this?

Bloggomy tried out the crystal growing kit. They had a similar problem to us at Patch of Puddles with dissolving the solute but we’ve fathomed out it can be fixed if you use about 120ml of water. The crystals grow amazingly. Our biggest ones ended up nearly 2cm long.

Two kits got a good workout at Eljae. First they tried out a rocket set and then moved on to an Electronics Kit. Both got the thumbs up and the electronics kit in particular was very well received.

Miniland Science is available at Lambs Toys and other stockists.

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