DKL on Pinterest: Classic Toy Memorabilia.

Is there anyone not in love with Pinterest? I’ve been pinning pretties from early on in the history of the site and I absolutely love it for helping me collect together craft ideas, beautiful things to make and do and inspiration of all sorts. The recent tendency to pin every blog post going is a slightly sad but inevitable one I guess but what I love about it is you can follow people and filter out what they pin that they love and you don’t love. It’s still a great place to pin beautiful things and a wonderful way to showcase some of our loveliest products and fabulous bloggers.

This week I’ve been pinning all the toys I remember from my childhood, classic toys that were in every house, every playgroup every toddler and parent session. I remember owning some and coveting others.

There have already been some likes and repins so I think there must be plenty of people with similar memories and lots of people chipped in with other ideas when I mentioned it to my friends on Facebook.

What toys define your childhood to you? What made them good or bad? Which ones lived up to your expectations and which ones were a terrible disappointment? Did you beg for Tank Command like my husband only to find it was nothing like the advert claimed it was (sob… I hurt for him, I really do!) or did you have hours and days and weeks of fun from My Little Pony like I did?

Why not tell us? We can add your ideas to our Pinterest Classic Toys board and if you follow us, we’ll definitely follow back!



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