The Queen in Hama Beads- A Jubilee Celebration!

Here at DKL, we were very excited when a package was delivered to us from Hama’s Denmark Head Office. As the packaging was tentatively unwrapped, multicoloured beads started to emerge….the Queen had arrived!

The Queen Portrait was specially commissioned by Hama , to celebrate the highly anticipated Diamond Jubilee Event!  We feel very lucky & honoured to have received such a quality piece of work. Featuring a staggering amount of small beads in a wide assortment of colours, this beautiful work of art is an exact representation of Her Majesty, from the diamond crown to her beautiful jewellery.  Mounted in a antique- style gold frame, measuring an impressive 70 x 55 cm, the Queen looks gloriously graceful in all her beaded glory.

If receiving the portrait wasn’t exciting enough, the famous Hamleys Toystore on London’s Regent Street are now featuring the Queen Portrait in their special Jubilee Celebration Window Display! The amazing piece of work is set in front of a Union Jack Flag backdrop, together with a giant royal crown, adorned with popular Hamley products. The portrait sits prominently for all the public to see & admire.  Alongside this fabulous display, Hamleys are running a great competition for children to guess the amount of beads used, to win fantastic Hama Bead Sets!



Have a fun & happy Jubilee Bank Holiday Weekend everyone, let’s hope the weather stays dry! :-) 

Written by: ToyinO

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