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Scentco is an irresistible range of scented stationery offering fun, eco-friendly alternatives to ordinary pens and pencils. Each scent is guaranteed to last two years!


T2400 – Scentco Halloween Smencils

Scentco Halloween Cylinder


The spooky cylinder holds 50 HB Smencils. Containing 10 each of the following 5 scents: Grape Goblin, Trick or Treat, Slime Lime, Pumkin Panic and Monster Mash!


HS2000 – Scentco Halloween Gel Smens TowerScentco Smens Halloween Tower

A creepy display of 24 black ink Smens in gift tubes, containing 12 each of following scents: Marshmallow and Pumkin Pie.


SK4000  – Sugar Skull Gel Smens TowerScentco Skull Candy

A cool tower display holding 24 individual Smens in gift tubes containing 12 each of following scents: Marshmallow and Chocolate.


Hama Beads

The number one bead brand with the largest range of set and accessories!


3414 – Glow in the DarkUntitled-1


Spooky glow in the dark bead set containing over 1,500 beads, 3 small pegboards, colour printed design sheet, instructions and ironing paper.


4167 – Glow in the Dark Smaller BlisterUntitled-1This perfect pick up line includes over 300 glow in the dark beads, 1 pegboard and ironing paper.


To find out more about these lines contact your local sales representative or call 01604 678780. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the Breyer Halloween Horse, more inf0rmation available soon!

Written by: Emma Damerell

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