New top 10 toys for 2017!

It’s a new year with lots of new toys across DKL’s 8 fabulous brands. With over 70 new products, it’s safe to say we are pretty excited for the year ahead! We have sat down over a nice cuppa and pulled together our top 10 new highlights.

1.  Hama Beads 3D Insects

3D Hama Insects

This amazing new product takes Hama creations to the next level! Containing over 2,500 beads and all the accessories needed to make eye catching 3D models! If bugs aren’t your bag, then you may favour the 3D Deco Hama instead!


2. Scentco Scented Stationery Spider-Man

Scentco Spiderman cylinder

He’s back! The ultimate Spider-Man is back in cinemas July this year. In line with the film release, Scentco have released their new Spider-Man license and it’s Spide-tastic! This Scentco cylinder makes the perfect pick up item and with a 2 year scent guarantee, it’s sure to be a huge hit!

3. Breyer Model Horses Unicorn Forthwind

Breyer Model Horses Forthwind Unicorn

This year our standard Breyer line has seen some AMAZING additions, one of our favourites is the Unicorn Forthwind! This beautiful Classic scale model has a pale icy blue coat which will be sure to catch your eye!


4. Scratch 2 in 1 Light Projector


Scratch Safari Night Light

This fabulous nightlight acts as a light but also as a projector! Press the button once to light up the wonderful Safari land, or press it twice to project the night sky! Featuring a 15 minute timer to ensure maximum play time without draining batteries! Available in 4 different designs.


5. PlayMais Mosaic 3D

PlayMais Mosaic 3D

Another fabulous 3D craft product, this time by PlayMais! Containing reinforced cardboard moulds, making it easy to stick the PlayMais pieces onto the cardboard to create fantastic 3D models to be proud of!


6. Hama Beads Knights

Hama Beads Knights Gift Box

Another great addition to Hama’s gift box range! This medieval inspired gift box contains over 4,000 beads and accessories to create heroes, villains, and dragons! Featuring popular striped beads to add even more value to this fabulously themed product.

7. Fashion Angels Bow Wowzer Wall Décor Kit

Fashion Angels HeadCase

Okay, so perhaps this product isn’t new to 2017 however, we launched the Fashion Angels range 4Q 2016 so it still counts right? This super cool Décor Kit makes for perfect rainy day play! Featuring 33 decorative gems, glitter applicator and more, creative fingers will love being able to make their Bow Wowzer their own!

8. SmartLab Demolition Lab: Wrecking Ball

SmartLab Demolition Lab Wrecking Ball

The Demolition Lab: Triple Blast Warehouse has been a great success throughout 2016, so it was a natural next step to introduce the Wrecking Ball! Build an abandoned building and then strategically place the wrecking ball to knock it down. Kids get hands-on experience experimenting with potential and kinetic energy, momentum, and other principles of physics.

Check out this awesome video showing the Wrecking Ball in action!

9. Scentco Disney Princess Gel Crayons

Scentco Disney Princess Gel Crayons
Disney Princess is set to be a huge license this year, so it’s a good thing we expanded our Scentco Disney Princess Licence! These gel crayons are super smooth and gel like consistency can be compared to highlighters, anyone stationery fan who try’s them out falls in love!


10. Breyer Model Horse Starry Night

Breyer Model Horses Starry Night Set

Another favourite from Breyer is the Starry Night! This eye catching beauty is 4th in a series of Classics decorator model horses. Both the mane and the tail glitter with stardust, a sure hit for 2017!


So, that’s our top 10! What are your thoughts? We are going to be showcasing our new ranges at the following upcoming shows in January and February: Toy Fair London, NEC Spring Fair and BETA International. See you there!

Written by: Emma Damerell

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