PlayMais wins GOLD at Independent Toy Awards

PlayMais World Farm won GOLD in the Creative Category for the Independent Toy Awards – YAY!


It comes as no surprise as the creativity to be had is endless! PlayMais offers Children the opportunity to build beautiful creations independently. From easy 2D mosaic creations for little ones, to more challenging 3D creations for older children. The all natural crafting toy that is 100% biodegradable and doesn’t impact the environment. It’s made from corn grits and water, and coloured with food colouring.

PlayMais pièces_286

These Facts are natural winners…

PlayMais use corn grits from the whole corn kernel, cutting out the high energy consuming step of separating out the starch. From the cultivation of our organic corn, to using the leftover organic matter, like corn husks, to fuel biogas stations, environmental conscious thinking guides all PlayMais’ decisions. The corn is grown close to processing site. All organic matter not used in the production process is used as fuel for the company biogas station, which in turn provides electricity, heating, and cooling for the premises. Leftovers from the biogas station are in turn used as the basis for fertilizer used on the fields for the next season’s corn. This restarts the cycle. In this manner usage of non-renewable energy sources are kept to a minimum. The corn we use is grown purely for industrial uses. PlayMais do not use food or feed corn in our products.

The first steps with PlayMais…

PlayMais® is a true all-rounder. It can be shaped, squeezed, cut , and rolled to form any shape imaginable. Plus it sticks to paper, cardboard, glass, and other surfaces for unlimited creative fun! Check out the video below to see how easy it is to create wonderful designs!

Fancy finding out more?

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Written by: Emma Damerell

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