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What’s Fashion Angels?

 Fashion Angels’ mission is to serve the needs of tween girls, these are girls too mature to be considered children, but are not yet the teenagers they aspire to be. Tweens are in a perpetual state of change; seeking to discover their own identities and to create for themselves a world of their own. All Fashion Angels products are designed with her aspirations and core interests in mind. Creating products that fit into the customisable behaviour tweens love most! Check out the ranges we stock below!

Portfolio sets

Fashion Angels Design Portfolio sets allows tweens to set their creativity free by designing fashion, make-up styles, interior design and much more! Each portfolio provides everything needed to create amazing one of a kind designs! Each kit contains sketch sheets, design stencils, with some including sticks and gems to add some bling to the designs!


Arts & Crafts

Tweens can put their personalised stamp on just about anything with bracelet kits, room décor and the fantastic Tapeffiti!



Mum-approved beauty kits are designed for girls to express themselves! The range includes fantastic hair, nails and stylist kits in amazing gift packaging sets, perfect as a present!



Znapeez allows tweens to click and create amazing creations from décor, hair accessories and much more! Just znap the pieces together to create unique designs, then un-znap them to make something else! Check out the video below to see the endless creations possible!




Fancy finding out more?

Retailer: Email to request a catalogue.
Customers: Keep an eye out for a UK Fashion Angels Facebook page!

Written by: Emma Damerell

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