Play Miniland: the new way to learn through play!

Have you tested out Play Miniland yet?

Play Miniland combines real and digital games to give children a complete learning experience. As you know, a Miniland toy helps children develop several skills such as sequencing and sorting, and colour recognition. What’s great about the new digital Miniland games is that they reinforce the same skills learnt through the toy!

Play Miniland


How it works

To access the digital games on your phone, tablet or computer, simply visit the Play Miniland website (link here) and enter the code of your real Miniland toy. The site will then lead you to the matching digital game. In effect you are doubling the value of your toy!

Take the bestselling Activity Clock for example: after a child has played with the real toy they can also play a digital version to boost the skills they’ve learned.



Benefits for teachers and parents

Not only is Play Miniland fun for kids, it is also a fantastic tool for teachers and parents!

As well as digital games for children, Play Miniland has a useful collection of resources for adults. Teachers can download complete lesson plans based on certain games whilst parents can download activity sheets to guide their children at home.

At DKL we really believe that Play Miniland will become a go-to destination for parents. The toys have great price points and the games are all free to download, which means you don’t have to spend a fortune to support your child’s education.

Head on over to the Play Miniland website to find out more and try it for yourself:

About Miniland Educational

Miniland Educational toys is one of the most trusted educational toy brands on the market. Every single Miniland product is created with the aim of teaching children new skills through play. The range includes toys suitable for pre-schoolers right up to 8 year olds.

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Miniland Activity Clock

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