Striped Beads: a brand new collection from Hama!

Exciting news everyone! We have launched a new collection of Striped Beads from Hama!

As you can see from this picture of a Hama fox, the striped beads give your Hama creations a whole new effect!

striped beads

What’s great about Hama is that the possibilities are endless: there is no limit to what you can create with colourful beads and pegboards. Creating with Hama is simple: place the colourful beads a on a pegboard and design anything your imagination desires. After you’ve made your design, you use the special ironing paper to iron the beads and melt the picture together. It’s great fun, and it will keep you entertained for hours!

Now with the addition of these new striped beads, Hama is offering fans even more creative possibilities! The range already includes over 50 bead colours to choose from and now you can add stripes into the mix!

The products

The new collection includes 10 different products. The Striped Beads Activity box contains 2,400 beads, 2 pegboards, a design sheet, ironing paper, and string for creating jewellery or keyrings or anything you wish! The activity box also comes with a handy storage tray for sorting the different colours.

striped beads activity box

Ideal as a pocket money option, there are also the three new blister packs. In a Butterfly, Seahorse or Pony theme, the blister packs are a great starter set for kids. They contain all you need to make a great striped bead design: 350 beads, 1 pegboard and ironing paper.

striped beads blister packstriped beads blister pack


For experimenting with striped beads, there are also 3 new colour mixes available in bags of 1000 or bags of 3000:


All these new Hama products will be in stores very soon! When you’ve made your first striped design, why not share a picture with us by emailing or on Facebook at Hama Beads UK

Written by: Farel Williams

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