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The brand new Best of British models from Breyer are now in stores, and we are giving 1 lucky fan the chance to win all 3 new models!

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Earlier this year, Breyer Model Horses launched the Best of British collection: a set of beautiful models which celebrate the heritage and beauty of Britain’s most iconic native breeds. Shaped by the country’s natural meadows, moors and mountains over many centuries, Britain’s native breeds – hardy ponies, sleek Thoroughbreds and powerful draughts – are renowned worldwide. As always, these Breyer models are hand-painted and durable for both collecting and play!

The first group of models to be released included the Connemara Pony, Shetland Pony, Welsh Cob, and the Stablemates Ponies and Draught Set. And now, Breyer are spoiling us all with even more gorgeous British breeds!


Hailing from the Scottish Highland and Islands, the Highland Pony developed into a hardy breed from its origins on the moors and mountains. Its coat can be many colours, and is often seen in shades of dun with a dorsal stripe, such as this creamy dun pony. Enthusiasts today, including HRH Queen Elizabeth, enjoy the highland Pony for riding, driving and packing.

Highland Pony. Traditional 1:9 Scale.

Highland Pony. Traditional 1:9 Scale.

Not your traditional heavy horse, the Irish Draught traces its roots back to early 20th century Ireland. There they worked the farmland in addition to hunting and driving. Today these athletic horses are known as excellent hunters and jumpers, no doubt in part to their powerful legs, good bone and strong hooves.

Irish Draught. Traditional 1:9 Scale.

Irish Draught. Traditional 1:9 Scale.

The Shire is on of Britain’s most popular draught horses. The average Shire stallion stands 17.2h, and can weigh 900-1100 pounds! The jovial Welsh Corgi is known as HRH Queen Elizabeth’s favourite dog breed. There are two types of Welsh Corgi: Pembroke and Cardigan. These herding dogs are popular with horse owners the world over.


Shire Stallion. Classics Scale 1:12.

Corgi Dog. Classics 1:12 Scale.


¬†Now that you’ve seen the amazing new Best of British models, enter below to win them all! This giveaway is open for one week only, so make sure you don’t miss out!

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Written by: Farel Williams

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