Hama of the Week 2015

Hama color stripes

It’s so exciting to see so many people getting creative with Hama Beads; from fun character portraits to 3D shapes and objects, Hama is being used in a myriad of ways. What’s best about the beads is that there is really no limit to what can be created. Hama has been a brand at DKL for 25 years, yet we still see something new everyday – a quick look on Pinterest will show you just how much can be done with the beads.

Since so many of you have been sharing your fantastic Hama Beads designs with us, we want to showcase the best here on the DKL blog! Each week one Hama design will be given pride of place right here. It’s going to be a tough job choosing between all the designs as they’re all so impressive!

You can send us your pictures on the Hama Beads UK Facebook page, where your picture will be shared even if it isn’t chosen for Hama of the Week; or you can use #hamaoftheweek on Instagram and Twitter to show us your picture :). Hama of the Week will be chosen every Sunday evening and then featured the following week.

Every design is wonderful in its own way so get involved – we promise it will be fun!


Week 1 (January 5th-11th): Our first winner of the year is this funny cat design by Tasnime Jennings!

Tasnime Jennings

Week 1 – Tasnime Jennings

Week 2 (January 12th-18th): Our favourite picture this week is Dragonair by Hollie Shepperson!

Dragonair - Hollie Shepperson

Week 2 – Hollie Shepperson

Week 3 (January 19th-25th): This amazing portrait by Pierre-Aime Imbert was the standout star this week!

TAL Singer Portrait - Pierre-Aime Imbert

Week 3 – TAL Singer Portrait

 Week 4 (January 26th – Feb 1st): Jennie Field’s Hama name plaque has won this week – we love how fun and creative it is!

Jennie Field

Week 4 – Jennie Field

 Week 5 (Feb 2nd-8th): This week we were wowed by this door plaque which Di Coke shared. So simple, yet so lovely and creative!

Door Sign - Di Coke

Week 5 – Name Plaque

 Week 6 (Feb 9th-15th): Clare Scammell’s original Valentines design was our favourite this week!

Star Wars Valentine - Clare ydg Scammell

Star Wars Valentine – Clare Scammell

 Week 7 (Feb 16th – 22nd): We love this giant Hama bead model of The Incredible Hulk!

The Hulk Wayne Murray

The Hulk by Wayne Murray

 Week 8 (Feb 23rd – March 1st): How cute is this Winnie the Pooh and Piglet design by Tracey Cole?!

By Tracey Cole!

By Tracey Cole!

Week 9 (March 2nd – 8th): A lovely assortment of designs by 6 year old Millie!

Millie Franklin (8th March)

By Millie Franklin

 Week 10 (March 9th – 15th): Charlotte Radford has jazzed up her Little Mermaid designs with these lovely frames! What a great idea :)

Framed Ariel and Ursula - Charlotte Radford

Framed Ariel and Ursula – Charlotte Radford

 Week 11 (March 16th – 22nd): A whopping 12,000 beads were used to create this amazing Hama design! Well done John McMenamin!

12,000 beads! By John McMenamin

12,000 beads! By John McMenamin

Week 12 (March 23rd – 29th): Kelly Hudson’s picture of her Easter decorations is our favourite for this week! Creative and fun!

Easter Egg Tree by Kelly Hudson

Easter Egg Tree by Kelly Hudson

Week 13 (March 30th-April 5th): It was incredibly hard to choose a favourite this week but Mel Annie Tur Jonc’s submission was the most impressive!

The Joker - Mel Annie Tur Jonc (1st April)

The Joker – Mel Annie Tur Jonc

Week 14 (April 6th – 12th): Sophie Hubbard’s designs make fab window decorations!

Window Decorations by Sophie Hubbard!

Window Decorations by Sophie Hubbard!

Week 15 (April 13th – 19th): A super cool design by Sarah Howells was our favourite this week!

Ninja Turtle - Sarah Howells

Ninja Turtle – Sarah Howells

Week 16 (April 20th – 26th): Well done to Morgan Giller for this fun Maggie Simpson creation!

Maggie Simpson by Morgan Giller

Maggie Simpson by Morgan Giller

Week 17 (April 27th – May 3rd): We love how these Hama models brighten up a door!

Door Decorations by Mark Bee

Door Decorations by Mark Bee

 Week 18 (May 4th – 10th): We enjoyed seeing this Star Wars design by Jessica Davenport right in time for Star Wars day!

Jessica Davenport - Star Wars

Jessica Davenport – Star Wars


Week 19 (May 11th – 17th): We were super impressed this week by Cintra Josephine’s Monster High designs!

Monster High 3 - Cintra Josephine (11th May)

Monster High 2 - Cintra Josephine (11th May)

Monster High - Cintra Josephine (11th May)

Monster High 4 - Cintra Josephine (11th May)



Week 20 (May 18th – 24th): This week’s winner is Aysha E-J who sent in some fab pictures of her final university collection. Her fashions are inspired by Tamagotchi and embellished with Hama Beads!

Aysha E-J 6 (18th March) Aysha E-J 5 (18th March) Aysha E-J 4 (18th March) Aysha E-J 3 (18th March) Aysha E-J 2 (18th March) Aysha E-J (18th March) University Fashion Embellishment - Aysha E-J (12th May)

 Week 21 (May 25th – 31st): This week there was a Hama Beads competition and the winner was Abigail Lafferty who sent in this picture of her amazing Mario designs!

Abigail Lafferty 2

Mario by Abigail Lafferty


Week 22 (June 1st – 7th): A creative and detailed design by Hama fan Valijka the Hobead!

Breath of Fire 2 by Valijka the Hobead

Breath of Fire 2 by Valijka the Hobead


Week 23 (June 8th – 14th): A cute My Little Pony creation by Becca Jackson!

By Becca Jackson

By Becca Jackson

Week 24 (June 15th – 21st): Wow! What a difficult decision this was… there were so many brilliant pictures this week but Sarah Howell’s has beaten the rest! Well done, Sarah!

Sarah Howells (15th June)


Week 25 (June 22nd – 28th): Well done to Jayne Skudder who made this Bowser design for a Nintendo Wall!

Jayne Skudder Nintendo Wall (23rd June) 2


Week 26 (June 29th – July 5th): The Joker in Hama beads by Martin Carlsson breathtaking!

Martin Carlsson - Joker

Martin Carlsson – Joker

Week 27 (July 6th – 12th): We love this showreel of Minnie Mouse which Mel Annie Tur Jonc sent in!

By Mel Annie Tur Jonc!

By Mel Annie Tur Jonc!

Week 28 (July 13th – 19th): This week’s winner has to be Zoe Brokken who sent in this lovely Winnie-the-Pooh-themed design of her son’s name!

By Zoe Brokken

By Zoe Brokken

Week 29 (July 20th – 26th): Without a doubt this week’s best Hama submission is Sami Koivu’s time-lapse video. Watch and enjoy!

 Week 30 (July 27th – August 2nd): A masterpiece from Rosa Sa has been crowned this week’s favourite!

By Rosa Sa

The Joker from Suicide Squad

 Week 31 (August 3rd – 9th): A glow-in-the-dark special from Valijka the Hobead!

by Valijka the Hobead

by Valijka the Hobead


Week 32 (August 10th – 16th): 3 cute designs by Gemma Jones were our favourite this week!

By Gemma Jones

By Gemma Jones

Week 33 (August 17th – 23rd): So many of you shared pictures with us this week, making it very hard for us to choose our favourite! In the end, we decided that Seanna Murdock’s Audrey Hepburn portrait was the winner! Well done, Seanna!

Audrey Hepburn by Seanna Murdock!

Audrey Hepburn by Seanna Murdock!

 Week 34 (August 24th – 30th): Our favourite this week was by Michelle Whitaker who is using glow in the dark beads to prepare for Halloween!

Michelle Whitaker - Glow in the Dark

Michelle Whitaker – Glow in the Dark

Michelle Whitaker - Halloween 2 (26th Aug)

Michelle Whitaker – Glow in the Dark

 Week 35 (August 31st – September 6th): Well done to Nerdy Melt, your design was our favourite this week!

By Nerdy Melt

By Nerdy Melt

 Week 36 (September 7th-13th): September 13th was the 30th anniversary of Mario, and Brittany Baker sent us this fantastic Mario bead design!

Brittany Baker - Princess Peach

Brittany Baker – Princess Peach

Week 37 (September 14th – 20th): We love this quirky Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles design which Tina Bates created on a round pegboard!

Tina Bates - TMNT

Tina Bates – TMNT

 Week 38 (September 21st – 27th): It was a tough choice this week but Jimmy Hjalmarsson’s 3D Zelda design is our favourite!

By Jimmy Hjalmarsson

By Jimmy Hjalmarsson

Week 39 (September 28th – October 4th): We love how Deb Karolitzky-Solomon has put her Boo and Toad design up at the window!

Deb Karolitzky-Solomon - Boo and Toad

Deb Karolitzky-Solomon – Boo and Toad

Week 40 (October 5th – 11th): It was really hard picking a favourite this week, but we have to hand it to Amanda Sabin-Butters whose first ever Hama design was this amazing model!

Amanda Sabin-Butters

Amanda Sabin-Butters

 Week 41 (October 12th – 18th): Well done to Arthur Butters! The detail on this Ghostbusters design is incredible!

Arthur Butters - Ghostbuster

Arthur Butters – Ghostbusters

 Week 42 – (October 19th – 25th): Just look at all the Hama Halloween designs in this picture sent in by Nath Hour!

Nath Hour - Halloween

Nath Hour – Halloween

 Week 43 (October 26th – November 1st): Well done to 5 year old Mina, who created this lovely jungle scene!

By Mina, aged 5!

By Mina, aged 5!

 Week 44 (November 2nd – 8th): Seanna Murdock recreated the logo of her local ice hockey team!

by Seanna Murdock

by Seanna Murdock


 Week 45 (November 9th – 15th): Arthur Butters’s Hama wolf is simply breathtaking!

Arthur Butters - Wolf (12th Nov)

Week 46 (November 16th – 22nd): Well done Amanda Sabin-Butters, this is amazing!

Amanda Sabin-Butters

Amanda Sabin-Butters

 Week 47 (November 23rd – 29th): Thanks for sharing, Lara Thompson!

Lara Thompson (26th Nov)

Week 48 (November 30th – December 6th): Fun Minions by Michelle Whitaker’s son!

Michelle Whitaker's son (30th Nov)

Week 49 (December 7th – 13th): Brittany Baker’s mini bead creation came up trumps this week!

Brittany Baker - Mini Beads

Week 50 (December 14th – 20th): We love these Christmas Mario designs by Jessica Davenport!

Jessica Davenport (14th Dec)

Written by: Farel Williams

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