Advent Calendar – Day 24!

Advent - Day 24

And that’s it, folks! The final prize has been revealed; it’s time now to relax with some mulled wine and mince pies. We hope you’ve enjoyed our 24 Days of Christmas, and also that you all have a lovely Christmas day tomorrow!

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Written by: Farel Williams

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Comments (53)
  1. this is so sweet. Melody would love it

  2. ourl little girl would love it :)
    Merrry Christmas x

  3. My Granddaughter Chloe would love it

  4. It’s a fantastic prize my daughter would love!

  5. My youngest daughter would love this! Thank you and Merry Christmas!

  6. My little girl loves horses and my boy loves to be a doctor. The last toy seems to be perfect toy for them to play together

  7. its very cute!

  8. this is adorable, would make a great gift for my friends daughter.

  9. my Granddaughter would adore this present

  10. i want to win because my niece betty would love it !!

  11. Since my son was in the hospital so much he loves being a Dr for all his toys.

  12. My daughter would love me for winning this

  13. I’m training my daughter Hope who is 6 to one day win the grand national so that I might be able to retire early :D So I would love her to win this so she can get lots of practice in :D Merry Christmas :D

  14. My niece would love this.

  15. Because my little niece would love me forever if I won this!

  16. Because my daughter is crazy about ponies x

  17. I want to win because this is a fantastic prize bundle that both my children wold love! My daughter adores ponies and wold be delighted with the pony care set!

  18. My daughter favourite toys

  19. My little granddaughter would spend hours playing with this

  20. My 3 kids would be so happy to win :)

  21. My niece has just started horse riding, she would love this!

  22. It’s my job as an uncle to spoil my nieces!

  23. My niece would love it

  24. My niece is mad about ponies and would adore this

  25. This wuld be the most perfect prize for my pony-mad little girl!

  26. My Niece would love this :-)

  27. My granddaughter love horses and would love this , she would play with it for hours and hours

  28. My daugthers would love this


  30. my daughter would love this

  31. …this would serve as a great birthday present for my little cousin.

  32. My Niece and Nephew would take very good care of their patient.

  33. My niece would adore this thanks

  34. I want to win because I have a granddaughter who would adore this.

  35. My little princess would love this.

  36. I know a little girlcalled Mila who would love and cherish Chloe… good luck everyone! Happy Christmas too! :-)

  37. it’s a special toy for a special child

  38. I want to win as my daughter loves horses, but this is about as close as she can get unfortunately

  39. I would like to win this for my daughter.

  40. This would make a lovely gift for my grandaughter x

  41. Because my child would love this

  42. This is super cute! My granddaughter Lacey loves all things horsey so she’d be over the moon with this

  43. Its fabulous! Hours of fun for me too ;-)

  44. my nephew would love this x

  45. because my daughter would be very happy with this :)

  46. My granddaughter would love this :) x

  47. I’ve wished for a pony for 46 years and never got one lol, perhaps my daughter will get this

  48. My boy would love this as he is animal mad and we would play and learn about vets through this cute horse.

  49. I want to win because this would be an amazing gift for a special little girl.

  50. Gorgeous. My daughter would love this.

  51. I want to win because this would make an amazing gift

  52. i want to win because this is a great set of prizes for my niece.

  53. i would love this for my children