Half Term Activities

“What can I do with the kids during half term?” I hear you ask… well never fear for DKL have some fantastic half term activities to keep the little ‘uns busy!

Rainy Day Activities

Here at DKL we always say, “A rainy day is a Hama day,” and if you live in the UK, it’s safe to say there’ll be one during half term! Crafting with Hama beads is a great, creative activity which will absorb kids’ minds for hours and hours. If you decide to craft with these colourful little beads this half term, then why not share your pictures with the rest of the Hama community over on Facebook? See some of the incredible Facebook pictures here.

Seasonal Crafts

What is it about Autumn that makes craft so appealing? As we wave goodbye to the outdoor play of summer, Autumn begins and nothing seems better than a cosy house, a cup of tea and plenty of fun craft activities. This year, half term coincides with Halloween week which means that there are also plenty of spooky activities for the kids to get stuck into! See our Pinterest board for lots of ideas!

Autumn is also the time of year when we all start to think about Christmas and everything the festive season entails. Half term is a great opportunity to start creating Christmas decorations; it may seem a while away yet but (at the time of writing) there are only 8 Fridays left until Father Christmas comes shooting down our chimneys! Let the fun begin this half term by creating unique decorations and crafty gifts :).

Hama 3D Spooky

Hama 3D Spooky

Hama Christmas

Christmas Craft

Horse Around

If your kids love animals then they will be delighted by the range of Activity Sets from Breyer. The sets introduce children to the hobby of model horse customising and also pay homage to the fact that each Breyer Model Horse is hand-crafted! From learning to sketch to model customising, these sets help children to develop a variety of creative skills which they will undoubtedly enjoy.

Breyer Learn to Draw

Breyer Learn to Draw

Get Ahead This Half Term

A school break doesn’t have to be a learning break! Keep your children’s minds stimulated with some educational play over the course of the next week. Earlier this month we blogged about the various ways Miniland toys can supplement school education – click here for some ideas!

Written by: Farel Williams

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