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The new school curriculum is now in full swing and what better way to help children with challenges at school than engaging them in educational play at home? The benefits of educational play are well-known, and many parents introduce educational toys to their children early-on during the pre-school stage. However, Miniland Educational toys have some fantastic items for children of all ages; the toys can supplement a child’s educational development long after they have began school. What sets Miniland Educational toys apart is the fact they are designed with fun in mind – the brand is committed to producing toys which are just as enjoyable as they are educational. Here are just a few examples of how Miniland Educational can help children with the new curriculum:

Key Stage 1:

There’s a strong emphasis on English at this stage and this is probably a result of the shocking literacy rates in the UK – a reported 1 in 6 people are living with poor literacy. Children’s minds are so absorbent at the age of 5/6 so this is the ideal age for them to develop key literacy skills. Literacy doesn’t have to be difficult – something as simple as Activity ABC can work wonders! As children lace their way through the alphabet, they’ll become familiar and confident with their use of language and grammar.

Activity ABC

Activity ABC

Maths is also at the top of the agenda at Key Stage 1. Under the new system, children are expected to get to grips with simple fractions and also to count up to 100. Miniland’s Magnetic Numbers are perfect for children learning maths skills; just having numbers around at home  – on the fridge, for example – would help to familiarise children with numbers and teach them how crucial numbers are in day-to-day life.

Miniland Educational Magnetic Numbers

Magnetic Numbers!

Key Stage 2:

By age 11, children are required to understand mechanical systems e.g. gears, pulleys, bulbs, buzzers and motors. I’m sure I’m not the only one overwhelmed by this! Well, never fear because Miniland’s Electrokit 188 is an incredible toy which will help children explore the world of mechanical systems (and there’s a handy guide included for puzzled parents!) Science lovers can get started with this Electrokit from as early as age 8 and there are a whopping 188 experiments for them to tackle!

Miniland Educational Electrokit 188

Electrokit 188

Key Stage 3 and 4:

Miniland Skeleton Human

Miniland Skeleton Human

14 year olds are now expected to be familiar with subjects they wouldn’t have covered until GCSE – for example, the periodic table, life cycle analysis and space physics. Miniland’s Science Kits have plenty to offer for children at this stage of their education. For Biology there’s the fun Skeleton Human, for Physics there’s the Balloon Racer, and there’s so much more! The range really does have something suitable for every subject.

Miniland Educational Physics Balloon Racer

Physics Balloon Racer

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Miniland Educational is stocked nationwide is shops such as: Argos, Junior Scholars and Amazon

Written by: Farel Williams

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