Hama of the Week 2014

It’s so exciting to see so many people getting creative with Hama Beads; from fun character portraits to 3D shapes and objects, Hama is being used in a myriad of ways. What’s best about the beads is that there is really no limit to what can be created. Hama has been a brand at DKL for 25 years, yet we still see something new everyday – a quick look on Pinterest will show you just how much can be done with the beads.

Since so many of you have been sharing your fantastic Hama Beads designs with us, we want to showcase the best here on the DKL blog! Each week one Hama design will be given pride of place right here. It’s going to be a tough job choosing between all the designs as they’re all so impressive!

You can send us your pictures on the Hama Beads UK Facebook page, where your picture will be shared even if it isn’t chosen for Hama of the Week; or you can use #hamaoftheweek on Instagram and Twitter to show us your picture :). Hama of the Week will be chosen every Sunday evening and then featured the following week.

Every design is wonderful in its own way so get involved – we promise it will be fun!

Hama Gandalf!

Week 1: Gandalf!

Week 1 (01/09/14) – Jack Parker is our first Hama of the Week winner. It’s amazing how accurate this Gandalf picture is – look at the detail!

Autumn Decorations

Week 2 – Autumn Window Decorations!

Week 2 (08/09/14) – Steffi Bludovsky and her son have been really creative this week and used Hama to make some Autumn decorations. :)

Hama Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Week 3 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Week 3 (15/09/14) – This week’s best Hama is this fun and colourful design of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Well done Morten Lundemann!

Week 4

Week 4 – Father Christmas!

Week 4 (22/09/14) – Jessica O’Driscoll’s design has been extremely popular this week! It’s the perfect example of how great Hama is for the festive season.

Batman Hama Beads

Week 5 – Batman!

Week 5 (29/09/14) – Sarah Howells’ Hama Batman is astonishing! Isn’t it amazing how much can be done with little beads?

Katniss Everdeen Hunger Games

Week 6 – Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games

Week 6 (06/10/14) – Another movie character is this week’s best Hama creation! It was difficult choosing the best picture this week because there were so many fun and creative designs sent in. Jessica Bartelet’s wins because of the amazing detail!


Week 7 – Oddeye, Shining Force 2

Week 7 (13/10/14) – Yet another amazing Mini Bead creation! Well done Valijka the Hobead :)

Toy Story Alien - Alex Lawlor

Week 8 – The Claw by Alex Lawlor

Week 8 (20/10/14) – Our favourite picture this week is Alex Lawlor’s design of The Claw from Toy Story!


Week 9 – Sonic and Hedgehog!

Week 9 (27/10/14) – It was difficult choosing a picture this week but Karen Hipgrave’s hedgehogs win this time around!

Minion Party Favours

Week 10 – Minion Party Favours!

Week 10 (03/11/14) – This week’s best picture has to be Vicky Carter’s picture of her daughter’s Minion Party Favours. Look at the Hama minions!


Week 11 – Yoshi!

 Week 11 (10/11/14) – We can’t get enough of this lovely little Hama Yoshi by Yvonne Campbell!

Sylphie from Forgotten Worlds - Valijka the Hobead

Sylphie from Forgotten Worlds – Valijka the Hobead (30k beads!)

Christmas - Morten Lundemann

Mario Christmas – Morten Lundemann

Bowzer - 10,400 beads - Barry Gentry

Bowzer – Barry Gentry (10,400 beads)

Week 12 (17/11/12) – It was far too hard to pick 1 winner this week! So Valijka the Hobead, Morten Lundemann and Barry Gentry have all made the best designs!

Frozen Snowman - Katie Georgina Louisa Hunt

Frozen Snowman 2 - Katie Georgina Louisa Hunt

Week 13 (24/11/2014) – Yet another week where it was so hard to pick! However, we finally decided on these fun Frozen designs by Katie Louisa Georgina Hunt :)


Santa – Valijka the Hobead

Week 14 (1/12/2014) – Our favourite picture this week is this lovely Santa design by Valijka the Hobead. Christmas is coming!


Minnie Mouse plaque – Sarah Howells

Week 15 (8/12/2014) – We love this Minnie Mouse plaque by Sarah Howells! What a lovely gift this would make for Christmas!


Hanna Sandstrom’s Hama Decorations


Angela Gabba’s Christmas Tree

 Week 16 (15/12/2014) – Yet another week of amazing designs! The runner up for Week 16 is Hanna Sandstrom who shared some amazing pictures with us all over on Facebook. However, as it’s Christmas, the winner has to be Angela Gabba who has made a lovely Christmas tree with Hama decorations!


Thank you to everyone who has shared pictures with us in 2014! You can see them all the wonderful creations over on Hama Beads UK (click here). We will be back in January for another year of creative and imaginative designs… until then, have a magical Christmas and a happy new year! See you in 2015 :)

Written by: Farel Williams

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