School’s Out for Summer!



So, the kids are officially on summer break, which means it’s time to plan some fun summer activities. Here at DKL, we’d like to know what your favourite activities are for the warmer season! Do you venture outdoors to make the most of the weather? Or do you keep cool with indoor craft and play?

Either way, let us know!

We’ve thought up some fun activities to keep the children occupied:

Mindful Craft

Becky Goddard-Hill from Baby Budgeting recently blogged about incorporating ‘Mindfulness into Kids Crafting’ (read it here); she suggests that craft activities – like creating Hama plaques – encourages children to ‘focus on the present moment’ and ‘purposefully concentrate on what’s happening around them’. This might appeal to those of you who are hoping for a bit of peace and quiet over the next 6 weeks!

Garden Fun

If you’re staying at home this summer, create fun for the kids in an outdoor paddling pool. Bath toys can easily double up as pool toys, making them usable all year round! Munchkin toys are a great choice for young infants as their White Hot safety technology makes them suitable from birth.

Horsing Around

Put on a play! Get the children to gather all their favourite toys and come up with a fun story. The Breyer horses range is great for this as it includes props and settings such as the Country Stable and the Stable Cleaning Accessories. Mum and Dad could even put their video recording skills to the test and turn the play into a film :).

Tea Party

You can’t beat a good ol’ tea party. A traditional doll’s tea party is always lots of fun for the kids. Our Corolle doll Camille certainly looks ready for some afternoon tea!

Corolle ‘Camille En Vacances’

How high can you go?

Traditional toys such as building blocks are often best at keeping children engaged in an activity. Blocks, such as Wonderworld’s, improve motor skills and hand-eye coordination, and they help children to develop their creative capacity. The benefits of this activity are definitely worth all the clearing up that ensues from play time! So why not get the kids to take part in a building block competition this summer for a fun, educational activity :).

Wonderworld Blocks 100 Pieces

We’d love to hear how you get on – you can chat to us on our website or our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Have a great summer!

Written by: Farel Williams

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