Hama Halloween Giveaway!

As there are just under two weeks till Halloween we thought we’d like to give you a helping hand in embracing your inner scaremonger, especially as this is a great time for all the family to have a bit of fun together!

We have created a Halloween Pinterest board to give you some inspiration featuring costumes, food, crafts the lot! As if that wasn’t help enough we are offering 2 lucky readers the chance to win Our Hama 3D Spooky and Glow in the Dark sets. If you are new to our blog and Hama beads we have lots of posts on how creative you can be with these colourful little beads, or visit our bloggers reviews to get an unbiased opinion!


Win one of two Hama 3D Spooky and Glow in the Dark Sets!

Enter to win both Hama 3D Spooky and Glow in the Dark Sets!


Entry is simple, use the Rafflecopter widget below and follow which ever option you prefer! Don’t forget to spread the word, and good luck to all!
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Terms and Conditions: This giveaway is open to all residents of the UK and ROI over 18 years of age, excluding employees of DKL Marketing LTD and their affiliates, agents and families of such employees and any other person connected with this giveaway. Entry into this giveaway confirms that eligible participants are in acceptance of the terms and conditions set out below. To enter, participants must use the Rafflecopter widget above in accordance with the instructions. The prize is 1 of two Hama Bead 3D Spooky and Glow in the Dark sets as pictured and as stated on the blog post. It cannot be returned or exchanged and no cash alternative is available. Only the allocated number of entries are permitted per person as per the widget. No bulk or third party entries accepted. Late, illegible, incomplete, defaced or corrupt entries will not be accepted. No responsibility can be accepted for lost entries. All entries must be received by Midnight 21st October 2013. A winner will be chosen at random from all complete entries received. The winner will be notified by email within 48 hours of the giveaway closing. The winner must reply to claim the prize by 25th October 2013. Failure to do so will result in a new winner being drawn. The promoter reserves the right to substitute the prize with a prize or equal or greater value in the event of unavailability due to circumstances beyond the promoter’s control. The promoter of this giveaway is DKL Marketing LTD, NN3 6QD.


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Comments (169)
  1. We are going for treat and trick party!

  2. My eldest boy goes trick or treating on the American Air Base as his dad is American, he gets loads of ‘candy’!!

  3. I think we’ll carve a pumpkin lantern and do some bobbing for apples. My son is very excited about wearing his skeleton costume that we got at a car boot sale back in June!

  4. On halloween we’re going to york maze to carve some pumpkins and have some fun, then home for a spooky inspired dinner and out for trick or treating!

  5. We don’t have plans as yet.

  6. Usually two or three Hallowe’en parties, plus we always go out guising on Hallowe’en itself – as we’re in Scotland there’s no trick or treating just keeping with the traditions :-) Kids will learn a poem or song to do in return for some sweets :-)

  7. we have not planned yet!

  8. We have no plans yet but want to do something fun for the kiddos

  9. My eldest has been invited to her first Halloween party! While she’s out I’ll be waiting by the front door with my bowl of sweets waiting for the Trick or Treaters! :)

  10. Dress my kids in lovely costumes and give out lots of sweets to lovely kiddies that come to our door :)

  11. We will have a little party for my son who is 3.

  12. just the usual door to door trick or treating x

  13. we always go Trick or Treating for about an hour (very cold in Glasgow at that time of year) then back home for a family Halloween party full of fun and games xoxox

    No Costume = No Entry (e don’t like party poopers here lol

  14. Trunk or treat… kind of a cross between car boot and trick or treat. Means all the kids get to trick or treat wirh people they know and not wandering the streets

  15. Decorating the house,playing apple bobbing and dressing the little ones up and trick or treating :)

  16. my sister is doing a Halloween party so we will be going to that x

  17. My mum will be doing a party, but we haven’t decided which weekend to do it yet!

  18. Carving the pumpkin with the kids and answering the door to all the trick or treaters!

  19. Yes I will be turning my garden into a cemetery and playing spooky music and giving out loads of goodies to our local kids xx

  20. My eldest has a party to go to – not sure what the others will be doing yet!

  21. Having A Party & Taking Kids Trick or Treating

  22. no plans yet that I know about but sure the kids will all tell me they have plans at last min

  23. No plans as of yet, but you never know what halloween will bring.

  24. Hmmm i got tons of plans !!! lots of these are: finish my old plans ;-)

  25. we will have a halloween treasure hunt with friends

  26. I hold a party for the kids. Third year now and its great fun with arts, crafts and halloween cakes and cookies

  27. 7 year old has a Halloween disco at school x

  28. kids are getting dressed up then trick or treating with some friends

  29. We always have a spooooooky tea at home but this year the village are having a spooky bonfire party on Halloween so shall be going to that! We’ve also got a couple of other little after school halloween parties to go – Halloween is big in our house!

  30. We’re having a little Halloween party :) x

  31. We will all be dressing up and handing out sweets to the trick and treater’s. Xx

  32. As Halloween has become popular again, and the children enjoy dressing-up. A party suitable for the children with games, arts and crafts, dressing-up etc should be lots of fun for all the family and guests. I love Halloween cake myself, so I think it will be included as well :- it is a treat.

  33. We always have a party for the kids, I make halloween themed food and we play games

  34. Dressing up and trick or treating around the doors!

  35. Sitting in and having a paranormal marathon of movies. Sixth Sense, The Haunting, The Ring etc

  36. I am taking the children around the village Trick or Treating

  37. My daughters only 3 so we’re going to stay in and dress up to greet any trick or treaters.

  38. always baffled me as to how they glow!

  39. Were going to a fancy dress party with the kids.

  40. Watching fireworks.

  41. Cuddling up watching movies :)

  42. local party with the kids

  43. taking my daughter to a party

  44. going trick and treating

  45. Going to the pub as they are having a kids party

  46. Just trick or treating with my son…but cant believe how ignorant some people can be. last year some people looked at my son and went straight back in their house, even though he was with me! How mean is that!!

  47. I’m going to carve some home grown pumpkins!

  48. Waiting by the door for any trick or treaters with a bucket of sweets and my two year old daughter dressed as a scary pumpkin.

  49. I am going to stay in with lots of sweets and wait for the trick or treaters x

  50. halloween party, can’t wait x

  51. Not at the moment but we will do. Pumpkin

  52. Just a little party with the kids, dressing up , apple bobbing all that fun stuff

  53. my kids would love this!!!

  54. A bit of trick or treating, then of to friends for a party. Any Excuse!!

  55. Trick or treating and then a kid’s party afterwards.


  57. We’re going to a Halloween party :)

  58. I’m having a little halloween party for my daughter and her friends.

  59. My friends sons 1st birthday is on Halloween- so we will be going to a fancy dress party!

  60. Will be staying in with a takeaway and watching scary films.

  61. Having a halloween party for my lovely little nephew, cant wait to dress him up !! xx thanks for the chance to win this x

  62. I will be staying in with my friends and watching horror films

  63. having a little party for my two daughters

  64. My daughter has a party she will be going to, and we also plan on carving some faces into some fruits like apples etc make it a little different :)

  65. No trick of treating this year.

  66. Pumpkin Carving

  67. Going to an adult halloween fancy dress party

  68. We are having a Halloween party at our house

  69. halloween street party for the kids

  70. we are going to a halloween party

  71. non at present but i am sure we will rustle something up

  72. we are going trick or treating

  73. staying in as otherwise our little pooch will be going mental at the trick & treaters knocking on the door!!

  74. None, I’m afraid of the dark, bad enough a black cat has taken a liking to me. Perhaps I should dress up as a witch!

  75. Kids will be getting dressed up and do a little bit trick or treating to our neighbours

  76. we’re away on a family holiday so luckily will miss all the trick or treat shenanigans :-)

  77. trick or treating

  78. don’t do plans but got ideas

  79. visiting family and then watching some scary movies!!!

  80. To have a little family Halloween party :)

  81. My daughter is having a sleepover so I will be helping to get them ready then take them out trick or treating. Can’t wait

  82. My kids love Halloween, they are so excited about getting dressed up for trick or treating. That’s basically our plans

  83. No plans at all.

  84. Trick or Treating

  85. for halloween this year i will have a 14 year old male smurfett, an 11 year old Nerd, an 8 year old dead princess belle and then a 7 year old tigeress :)

  86. I will bring my children trick or treating and then we will have a party where there will be bobbing for apples.

  87. Going to a neighbours Halloween party

  88. We are having a Halloween party

  89. We are going away to a holiday park for half term so hopefully there will be a lot of halloween activities

  90. we are going to a party

  91. Having a Halloween family party

  92. Work :(

  93. The local pub is holding a children’s disco

  94. We’re having a halloween party for family, friends and neighbours. Can’t wait :)

  95. We will play Pin the Maggot on the Corpse with grandchildren

  96. May be going to party/firework display

  97. Halloween treasure hunt at home x

  98. kids have to parties to goto so will be a busy day and night

  99. It’s my step-daughters birthday so she’s having a fancy dress birthday/halloween party

  100. For halloween I will be switching off the lights, closing the curtains, and ignoring the doorbell! hahaha! NOT REALLY! I will be taking my son trick or treating :)

  101. Going down Bonfire night :)

  102. Trick or Treat Disco for the little ones

  103. a party for the kids and grandkids :) usually end up with half the street attending lol

  104. Trick or Treat Party

  105. A fun spooky Halloween tea with my grandsons

  106. Hopefully take the kids to a Halloween party x

  107. I am going to a fancy dress party :)

  108. taking the lttle one trick or treating :)

  109. We’re planning a halloween party for the kids with themed food

  110. My young cousins are obsessed with hama beads and would LOVE these!

  111. We will do something at home as I’m a party pooper and don’t believe in trick or treating

  112. Halloween Party & games

  113. My children are going to a halloween disco where I’ll be helping then on the day we’ll carve pumpkins and wait in hoping for trick or treat visitors!

  114. My kids have a halloween disco at school, then we will go trick or treating round our road.

  115. No plans made this year i think treats and a movie night.

  116. i have a childrens halloween party every year

  117. take the kids trick or treating,got pumpkins to carve and apple bobbing

  118. I’m having a party!

  119. My daughter wants to go trick or treating :-)

  120. Dressing up like a witch and eating sweeties :D

  121. Im planning a halloween party for my son and his friends with lots of spooky food and party games

  122. Children are dressing up for a local event!

  123. trick and treating

  124. we’ll be carving a pumpkin and scaring the trick or treaters away!

  125. We are going for treat and trick party!

  126. watching horror films all night

  127. a lil party for the kids and trick or treating :)

  128. having a party

  129. Trick or treating with the kids!

  130. Taking my girls to a local halloween party

  131. My niece is going to a party with her majerette’s troupe :-)

  132. Quiet but spooky tea party at home with the Pumpkin King (aka Mummy or Daddy) hiding lots of sweets around the house.

  133. I dont make plans I just do as i’m told by my grandchildren

  134. I’m going to the dentist to have a tooth out :(

  135. We will have a Halloween party we will all wear fancy dress and scary make-up, decorate the house for the children in the village who come trick or treating we will have apple bobbing then flour diving for sweets

  136. It’s also my 30th Birthday :-) so I’ve got a day of cake, presents and fireworks planned!

  137. A party with the kids sounds good to me!

  138. lots of fun family games

  139. Going to a local charity Halloween party to raise money for a local baby who’s just had open heart surgery

  140. my cousin is having a party

  141. just a halloween party

  142. We are going to spend the morning making halloween decorations and spooky fairy cakes, and then the evening trick or treating :)

  143. I’ll be taking the girls (2 children and the dog) trick or treating, all 3 will be dressed up…

  144. the children are going trick or treating in the neighborhood and other half is hiding in the bushes to scare the children coming to our door :-)

  145. We are having a little party at home, where everyone dresses up, plays halloween themed games and go on a candy treasure hunt around the house

  146. blackpool dungeons

  147. We are having a fancy dress party ;)

  148. dress the kids up and take them to the party my mum puts on every year :)

  149. Pumpkin Carving, and taking my daughter to a Halloween Party.

  150. i am taking my girls for their first trick or treating

  151. party time:)

  152. taking kids out for a few hours then im going out with my bezzie for her birthday, then on the 2nd me /7 neighbours are having a halloween/bonfire party :)

  153. I’ll be working unfortunately! : (

  154. Lots of Halloween craft

  155. Nope just staying in

  156. I have planned a Halloweeny Treasure Hunt for my boys :)

  157. My daughter likes to go trick or treating so will be helping her dress up and take her out. Just hope it doesn’t rain!

  158. Making toffee apples

  159. No plans this year,but we’ll be getting some sweets in as usual for any trick or treaters

  160. Don’t personally like Halloween or trick or treating but usually stay in to keep our dogs calm and let the children hand out sweets to those who knock on the door.

  161. no plans, just staying in :(

  162. Trick or Treating

  163. A party

  164. Just to go and spook the neightbours !!!!

  165. I’m working )-:

  166. Going to a museum that has Halloween activities on. And we usually do bobbing for apples and carve pumpkins at home

  167. going to our Nursery’s Halloween party

  168. no plans yet.. maybe if i win:P