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Half Term fun with Miniland

May 2016

The half term is fast approaching! Miniland aim to develop appropriate specialty toys apt for parent/child use at home. Therefore addressing the growing demand for transferring games and learning from school to the home and vice versa! Check out some …

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National Stationery Week

National Stationery Week 2016 with Scentco!

Apr 2016

National Stationery Week 2016! National Stationery Week is such a fun time of year for us! The DKL team head off to The London Stationery Show to show off the fantastic Scentco range, and also we are going to give …

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carltonlima emma

Carltonlima Emma: the royal Breyer model!

Apr 2016

Breyer immortalises Queen Elizabeth’s fell pony, Carltonlima Emma! As you all know, the iconic Breyer brand is committed to making models as special as the real horses themselves. Well the new Carltonlima Emma model is no exception! Part of the …

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